Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Backlog of Pieces

I've been meaning to post these as they're finished, but all in one go is good as well.

Whatever I was thinking when I sketched this, I can't remember now. I may have been remembering this one old renaissance painting that had God's giant feet sticking out of the clouds, just sort of floating above the world with all the holy light shining around them. Or maybe I was just thinking of how the sand stirs up when you walk through shallow water.


And here are a few pieces from One Fiery Moment that I'm quite happy with. One prompt was City Features:


And the other was Hands:

Everybody join hands

And that's all for now.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finished Oscar Wilde Piece

I am very good at forgetting when St Patrick's day is, I always wind up thinking it's on the 14th. Every year. Oh well. As tempting as a green Guinness would be, going out in traffic tonight is not as inviting. Ooh, potato and leek soup though, that would be just the thing...

Anyhoo, I went back to the first piece I did for One Fiery Moment and finished it up with a quick backdrop.


I love the costume Salome wears in 'Salome's Last Dance', so I opted to illustrate that. It's one... sleezy movie, but the costumes are fantastic and fun and the performances are hilarious. The way this Salome delivers some of her lines just bowl me over. "I don't like your hair!" shouldn't be that epic of a line, but she makes it so. At some point I read that the actress playing her is nearly blind, but you'd never know it from watching her on screen.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Old and relatively new

Here's a little something I did for valentine's day. Yes, I'm aware that that was an entire month ago, but hey, it is always time to show a little love.


Now it's St. Patrick's day, and soon it will be Easter. Then will come summer, and with that, Pride parades! I forget if it was last summer, or the summer before, but there was one summer where I wound up going to what felt like half a dozen pride events. Every city I went to for whatever reason, they happened to be having their pride week when I showed up. Key West's pride week was amazing, of course, and the one in St. Pete was fun as well. There I bought an extremely tasty veggie burger from a Jamaican guy in an eye-patch. It wasn't like your usual veggie burger patty, it was all runny. But still, very tasty.

The events here in Sarasota were more laid back. Here are a few sketches from that:


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Quick Character Sketches

A pair of very quick sketches, for they are fun:

I forget whether or not I actually saw this old lady anywhere...


This lovely Key West rooster knew perfectly well how brilliant he looked under some lattice work tables. He was showing off, I swear.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Portrait for The Space Between

Livetta, writer of The Space Between asked for a portrait to use on her blog, and here it is:

Character portraits are always such fun. I'm going to be tempted to do a fair few more, what with a Red Dwarf rpg coming up. I love the way some British sci fi shows worked around low budgets, heh. All you have to do to let the audience know that a character is a hologram is stick a great big ol' 'H' on his forehead.

For now though, I have an Oscar Wilde related piece to be getting on with.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cluttered House Concepts

Overstuffed homes can be such a joy... some of the time. Under every pile of boxes and toys, I know there are ancient, dehydrated anoles waiting to be found. Poor little buggers.